Smart Recycling

Are you a smart recycler?  The Waste Resources and Diversion Management Team need your help as a community!! 
From the below pictures it appears that some residents have a wishful recycling list instead of actual items that are truly recyclable!!

The below pictures are what have been picked up from your blue carts in Southgate and delivered to our recycling processor Waste Management. 
All of the pictures show the amount of items that are NOT supposed to be put in your blue cart.
    This picture captures plastic netting, coffee cups and plastic bags.

This picture captures a gasoline jerrycan, black garbage bags and coffee cups.
This picture captures plastic bags, bailer twine, straw and wire.
This picture captures plastic bags and a beer can.  Beer cans can be returned for a deposit.
This picture captures carpet and material.
This picture captures an area rug and plastic bags.
This picture captures sheets, a blanket, plastic bags and a machine belt.
This picture captures plastic packaging, plastic bags, plastic hosing and an aerosol can.
This picture captures plastic bags and a large amount of mud/dirt.
This picture captures livestock feed bag and different film plastics.
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