Official Plan 5 year review


Official Plan 5-Year Review

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The Official Plan 5-Year Review has begun. We are currently in the early phase of this project, which is expected to take approximately two years to complete.

Why are we reviewing the Official Plan?

Section 26 of the Planning Act notes that where an Official Plan is in effect, Council shall, not less frequently than every five years after the Plan comes into effect, revise the plan to ensure that it conforms with provincial plans, matters of provincial interest and policy statements issued under the Act and to update policies relating to employment lands.

The short answer is, because we have to review it.
The better answer is that this is our opportunity to take a good look at the Official Plan to ensure it still reflects our goals and objectives for our community:
• Is the plan still effective?
• What is working, what isn’t?
• Are there areas to strengthen language or be more inclusive?

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