Water Meter Information

All residents and businesses within the Village of Dundalk are equipped with water meters. Bi-monthly billing is sent out based on a flat fee as well as consumption.


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Check for Leaks!!!

The table below illustrates how a continuous leak, such as a running tap (sizes indicated) at 60 pounds per square inch over a three month (90 day) period, would waste water in the amounts shown. You may not think that 1/4"  to 1/16” leak is significant; however this may change when you look at the total daily cost of this leak.
Cost of  leaks based on Constant water/wastewater rate of $2.69/m3 (2012)
Diameter of Stream Gallons /
90 days
Cubic Feet /
90 days
Cubic Meters /
90 days
m3 per day Total Cost
per day
1/4" 1,181,500 158,000 4,475 49.72 m3 $133.75
3/16" 666,000 89,031 2,521 28.01 m3 $75.35
1/8" 296,000 39,400 1,115 12.39 m3 $33.33
1/16" 74,000 9,850 280 3.11 m3 $8.36

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