Transportation & Public Safety

Transportation & Public Safety (TAPS)

The Township of Southgate provides maintenance and construction on approximately 482.1 kilometers of roads. Approximately 203 kms of roads are hard surface and about 288.6 kms are gravel surface. Maintenance and repairs are carried out on 676 culverts, 766 road signs, 127 bridge structures, 285 street lights and the Maple Grove Cemetery in Dundalk. There are works depots located in Holstein, Dundalk and Hopeville.
The Transportation Department is responsible for all aspects of road construction and maintenance including but not limited to:
  • Street sweeping & litter pick-up
  • Winter maintenance of roads and sidewalks
  • Street Signs
  • Roadside weed maintenance and bushing
  • Road surface maintenance
  • Ditching, culvert & bridge maintenance
  • Street lights
  • Entrance permits
  • Fleet maintenance, etc.
  • Civic numbers
  • Road occupancy and encroachment policy and applications 
Please contact the Public Works Manager for more information, or view the Transportation & Public Safety portion of our Forms & Permits page for information on Entrance Permits, Civic Address requests, Moving Permits, Adopt a Road Applications, Road Occupancy and Encroachment Policy and Application or complaints.

Policy #59 - Mailbox Policy
By-law 48-2016 - Parking By-law
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