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Frank Macintyre Building

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Dundalk Lion's Pavilion

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Holstein Park & Pavilion

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Memorial Park Ball Diamond

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Hopeville Pavilion


Hopeville Ball Diamond

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Dundalk Olde Town Hall

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Pat Dale's Ball Diamond

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Dromore Park

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Swinton Park Community Centre

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Dundalk District Community Centre

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Facility Rental Request Form

Please note that due to changes in the Fire Code, capacities for the buildings listed in policies may not be correct. For accurate numbers, please contact the Township at 519-923-2110 ext.231
Please view the Policies page to view the current Recreation Policies i.e. #30 Facility Rental Policy, #31 Alcohol Risk Management Policy, #32 Affordable Recreation Policy, #42 Secondary Providers Policy, & #43 Smoke Free Public Spaces Policy.

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