Property Standards - By-law Enforcement

By-law Enforcement

The following by-laws are the most common by-laws enforced by the By-Law Enforcement Officer:
-burn by-law
-comprehensive zoning by-law
-noise by-law
-property standards by-law 

Property Standards

The Township inspects buildings and/or properties when there is a written complaint concerning exterior conditions. These inspections ensure compliance with the Township of Southgate's Property Standards By-law regulating property standards. These standards are intended to remedy issues of public or occupant safety in or around existing buildings or on vacant land.

Complaint Process

The complaint must be received in writing before a site visit is conducted. A formal order to comply is given to the offender stating the date of compliance. Failure to comply gives authority to the Municipality to authorize clean up and charge back fees as real taxes. An offender who wishes to appeal the decision may do so to the Property Standards Committee in writing by registered mail.
The complaint form can be found on the Forms and Permits page of our website.
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