OMB Appeal Hearing re: Southgate By-law 74-2015

Environmental and Land Tribunals Ontario
Ontario Municipal Board

PROCEEDING COMMENCED UNDER subsection 34(19) of the Planning Act, R.S~O. 1990, c. P .13, as amended

Appellant (jointly): Andris Bite, Karen Cybulski
Subject: By-law No. By-law 74-2015
Municipality: Township of Southgate
OMB Case No.: PL151098
OMB File No.: PL151098
OMB Case Name: Bite v. Southgate (Township)


The Ontario Municipal Board hereby appoints:
at: 11:00 AM
on: Tuesday February 09, 2016
at: Municipal Building
Council Chambers
185667 Grey Rd 9
Southgate, ON NOC 1 B0
for the commencement of the hearing of this appeal.

Please note: Those persons required to receive notice as per the Ontario Municipal Board have been notified via Registered Mail. This is not a Southgate meeting, but is an Environmental and Land Tribunal Hearing being held in Southgate Council Chambers. 
Tuesday, February 9, 2016 - 11:00am
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