Mayor's Message

It really is an honour to be the Mayor for the Township of Southgate. I am humbled by the support and kind words that people have expressed.  I am very excited with the new Council and look forward to new ideas and renewed interest in keeping our Municipality great.
We have a diverse population that is hard working and creative.  From our citizens to our large businesses, we see new concepts and ingenuity.  We have a seniors group that other areas of the Province are trying replicate.  We have a top notch farmers market as well as province leading agricultural growth.
At times we don't hear how fortunate we are with the staff we have here at the Township of Southgate. Over the last year, filling in for Norm Jack I consistently have people asking about our programs and thanking me for our staff's assistance helping with their programs.
Just a couple of recent examples of this is, our fleet manager is the new president of the Ontario Good Roads Association and our waste reduction program already conforms to the Provinces new waste reduction initiatives. As I said these are just a couple of recent examples. I could go on and list examples in all of our departments.
We have a lot of development and opportunities in Southgate.  I look forward to working for the people of Southgate and all of Council and Staff. 
Southgate is a great community and we have a lot to be proud of. Let's work together and continue to honour our past to make our future blessed.

Thank you,

John Woodbury
519-477-0796 (Cell)

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