The Village of Holstein

The Community of Holstein was originally named Hols-a-Wood. By 1876 it had been surveyed by Isaac Traynor, a pioneer surveyor who came with his parents to Lot 45, Concession 3, of Egremont from Droghed, Ireland. Additional surveying was completed in 1906.

In 1905, Grey County passed a bylaw creating the "Police Village of Holstein" from the unincorporated village of Holstein. The designation allowed the village to enjoy certain rights, powers and privileges as prescribed by Provincial law. It also called for the election of three village trustees.

To give you an idea of what life was like for Holstein residents in the early 1900s, consider the following excerpts from an Egremont Township bylaw passed 1903 to govern the Village of Holstein. The fine for breaking the bylaw was not less than $1 or more than $10:


  • every fence shall not be lower than four and one half feet.
  • no person shall ride or drive any horse or any other animal or automobile faster than a walk over any bridge, or at any immoderate rate of speed along any street.
  • no person shall bathe in any river, pond or lake, unless such is secluded, and if such is exposed to public view, then such bathers must wear a bathing suit.
  • no person shall engage in or encourage the ringing of bells, blowing of horns, shouting and other unusual noises, the firing of guns, or the setting off of fireballs, squibs, crackers, fireworks, and chivaries and other like disturbances of the peace.
  • no person shall leave his or her horse in any street, lane or highway without such being properly fastened.
  • no person shall excessively beat or abuse any horse, cattle or any other animal, or be guilty of any unnecessary cruelty, thereto.

• The above informaiton is from the book "The History of Holstein 1850-1996" compiled and Published by the Holstein History Committee in 1996.




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