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The Township of Southgate

The Corporation of the Township of Southgate was formed by the amalgamation of the Village of Dundalk, the Township of Proton and the Township of Egremont, effective January 1, 2000.

The first meeting of the Township of Southgate was held on January 4, 2000 in the Council Chambers of the former Township of Proton. (These Council Chambers are located just east of the settlement of Hopeville, on the North side of Grey County Rd 9 and serve as the new Council Chambers for the Township of Southgate).

The first members of Southgate Council were the elected members of the former municipalities, a total of fifteen (15) members. At the first meeting an election was held to elect a Mayor and Deputy Mayor. This election seated Don Lewis (Mayor of the former Township of Egremont) as Mayor and Ken Harrison as Deputy Mayor.

The first municipal election for the Township of Southgate was held on November 11, 2000. The positions available at council were Mayor, Deputy Mayor and five (5) councillors. Three (3) candidates contested for the The Mayor's chair, Don Lewis, Jim Milliner and Mike Scarr. The Deputy Mayor's chair was acclaimed, and 9 candidates sought to fill the five (5) seats as Councillors at Southgate's new council table; Carl Chitkka, Maxine Copeland, Jim Frew, Ken Furlong, Norman Jack, Al Lamb, Bruce Mason, Ralph Winslade and Don Seim.

The elected council was as follows:

Mayor - Don Lewis
Deputy Mayor - Ken Harrison
Councillor - Maxine Copeland
Councillor - Ken Furlong
Councillor - Norm Jack
Councillor - Don Seim
Councillor - Ralph Winslade

The inaugural meeting of this Council was held in the Township of Southgate Council Chambers on December 6, 2000.

About The Name Southgate

The name Southgate fittingly describes our new community. Located at the southern most part of Grey County, Southgate is the first community you enter as you are welcomed into Grey... the Gateway to Grey. By reason of our location at this south entrance to Grey, Southgate is an ideal name.

About Southgate's Logo

Individuality, strength, growth, nature and fraternity are embodied in the Township of Southgate’s logo. The tree itself is a symbol of strength and natural growth. The ‘leaves’ of the tree are fingerprints that illustrate the unique character and makeup of our three distinct communities. The ring around the tree suggests fraternity as we grow together into the future. The Southgate logo was designed in 1999 by Percy Lyall-Ashby (Dundalk) in response to a publically sponsored logo design competition.

 southgate logo 


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