Economic Development Department

Economic Development Department

The purpose of the Economic Development Department is to work toward building the economic vitality of the community.

What is Economic Development?
Economic Development is the planned intervention by governments or organizations using policy and programs to increase the economic vitality of a community, region or other geographic area. Increasing the economic vitality of a community is often achieved by also increasing the social, environmental and educational attributes of the community.

Community Economic Development is a form of economic development which utilizes the direct participation of community members and groups to direct economic change in the community. It is a collaborative strategy which utilizes a multifaceted approach to community change. Emphasis is placed on the local assets which may be built on. Interested in more information on this approach? Please contact us!

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What’s happening in the Economic Development Department?
Currently the department is working in the following key areas:
• Downtown Revitalization (Dundalk)
Development of the Eco Industrial Park
• Business Retention and Expansion
• Investment Attraction
• Marketing & Promotion

For 2012-2013 there are a further 3 priority project areas:

• Completing the Community Improvement Plan (CIP) for the Village of Dundalk
• Creating an online Business Directory (click here to submit your business! )
• Creating of a new Community Profile

****Are you a business owner or entrepreneur who would like to be contacted by the Economic Development Department? Send us an email!
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