Cart Concerns

If your cart needs repair, please call 519-923-2110 or 1-888-560-6607 ext. 252.

In the winter months it is your responsibility to ensure that your carts are not hit by the snowplow.
To avoid your compost from freezing in your cart drain all of the excess liquid and sprinkle baking soda in your cart or use the origami kitchen organics newspaper insert to soak up the liquid.
Please remember carts are to be placed behind the curb line. Be courteous to pedestrians and do not place carts on the sidewalk.

Why do Carts not get picked up?

1. Garbage in the Compost or Recycle Carts repeatedly
2. Overloaded carts - Lids must be closed to prevent spilling.
3. Carts not set out properly for collection - When opening the lid of the cart, wheels must be away from the road.
4. Cart is not close enough to the roadway for arm to reach.
5. Carts are too close together - Place carts 1 metre apart.
6. Please ensure that your carts are at the road for 7:00 am.

Green Cart Concerns!

1. Waste and/or recyclable material seen in Green Cart
2. Pieces of lumber, blocks of wood, stones in Green Cart
3. Using plastic compostable bags, or any plastics in the Green compost cart is not permitted. Paper bags or newspapers only.

Blue Cart Concerns!

1. All lids and tops that are plastic are to remain on the plastic containers. 
2. All lids and tops that are metal are to remain on the jars.
3. Waste material has been put into the recycle cart.
4. Use of plastic garbage bags in carts is not permitted.
5. Electrical or Electronic items such as radios, toasters, mixer, VCRs, computers, etc. are collected at transfer stations only.
6. Break down cardboard boxes to save space for you and for us.
7. Prevent spillage by placing glass, cans, etc. in bottom of cart and rinsing your containers.

Waste Cart Concerns!

1. Placing of excess garbage in the waste cart that does not allow the lid to be fully closed. Closed lids prevent spilling.
2. Do not place oversized items longer than 3 feet in the cart. 
3. There is recycling/compost in your waste cart.

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