Bethel to Boothville

The Bethel to Boothville Swinton Park & Area Heritage Committee

The Bethel to Boothville History Book Project was completed by the Swinton Park and Area Heritage Committee, in partnership with the former Townships of Proton and Egremont and the newly amalgamated Township of Southgate as well as the Swinton Park Community Hall Board, Hillside Academy Seniors, St. Andrews Presbyterian Church Ladies Aid, the Swinton Park and District School Reunion Committee and the Canada Millennium Partnership Program.

This hardcover book is an all-inclusive history of our community, which includes School Sections # 2,7,8,12 in the former Township of Proton and School Section #14 in the former Township of Egremont. It includes families who have lived here from the early 1850s till the present day and contains 494 pages as well as an index of 42 pages. We feel it provides an excellent resource for families who are researching their genealogy. The chapters describe life in our community, which includes transportation, churches schools, recreation, property owners, work, military, politics and reflections (oral stories). The area residents provided us with their treasured photographs, which helped capture the way it was and provides the reader with a true picture of the history of our community.

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