Available Industrial Land

Southgate's Industrial Parks

Southgate’s available industrial land is located in the municipally-owned “Eco Park” in Dundalk. The available lots have full municipal services including water, sewers, 3 phase power and natural gas. The lots are designated Industrial in the Southgate Official Plan and zoned General Industrial M1.

Lots are available at $35,000 per acre with minimum 2 acre purchase. The lots can be configured to suit. For more information contact our Economic Development Officer. The following link will take you to a map of Southgate's Eco Park: https://geo.grey.ca/dundalk/ecopark/.

The Hanbury Industrial Park has several vacant lots that may be available for development. The lots have full municipal services and are zoned General Industrial M1. The following link will take you to a map of the industrial park: https://geo.grey.ca/dundalk/hanbury/

New industrial developments in Southgate require a Site Plan Application and Building Permit Application prior to development commencing. New industrial development in Southgate is subject to a Development Charge of $11.351 per sq. ft. of gross floor area.

Note: As part of your due diligence process, we suggest that you check with the Planning, Building and Fire Departments (519-923-2110) in Southgate to check if the vacant space, building or land complies with Township by-laws and codes, etc. or to determine if there is a need for any permits for any properties that you are considering to lease or purchase.
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